Sebastian Brauer

Post-Production Supervisor

Post-Production Coordinator


Colour Correction


Deliveries & DCPs

Post Production Supervisor

Post Production Coordinator

I accompany the film-making process right from the start to effectively manage the predictability of projects, reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes and unexpected delays.

I design and provide smooth and timely processes, effective communication, and a well-planned contingency strategy, saving you time, energy and unnecessary concern, allowing you to focus on the right things for your production.

I create powerful and cohesive collaborations, bringing the right people together positively and with the right focus.

I am adept at quickly recognising anomalies, bringing them to light and consulting with you to quell your slightest doubt, thinking ahead but staying in the moment, with laser-sharp attention to detail, without losing sight of the big picture.

I am a master of all trades, and therefore have a deep understanding of every step of the film-making process.

(according to broadcasting
and cinema standards)

  • Spotting in German, Germanic and Romance languages
  • Translation correction according to the rules for subtitles
  • Thorough editing
    (in collaboration with fantastic Lektorat Argwohn:
  • Formatting
  • Exports
  • Image

    Mastering and Deliveries

  • Joint check of all required deliveries at the start of production
  • Bringing all trades together, precise troubleshooting at all levels
  • Creation of titles, lower thirds, HQ credits
  • Creation of precise lists with detailed delivery deadlines, delivery types, contacts

  • All formats for broadcast television
  • DCDM
  • DCP (OV and VF) in SMPTE or InterOP
  • KDM
  • VOD
  • Social Media
  • Image


  • Data security processes from production to archiving
  • Secure data transfers from regions with restricted freedom of expression
  • Site-independent (post-) production and data workflows
  • mobilepic


    Sustainability and valence are important topics for me. I always want my work to contribute to something overarching:

  • For better social coexistence, towards a better understanding of processes and context in the world
  • For education, understanding art and inspiration
  • Being sensitive towards the environment, nature and climate
  • Taking into account differing emotions and being empathetic towards people and cultures

  • I am especially keen to preserve data security, which is an important issue, not simply managing data backups, but across the entire production process. I ensure that data is handled sensitively and securely at all levels. I also offer short, but comprehensive, training courses on this subject. Should you be interested in this topic I welcome your enquiries.


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    For almost 20 years I have worked on more than 300 productions, both national and international, with renowned directors, producers and artists.

    My skill-set encompasses all areas of post-production; editing, mixing, grading, data-wrangling, archive restoration, building editing suites and technical consulting.

    I began playing music when I was five years old and by the age of 16, I had started recording music and making photographs.

    At the age of 19, I was awarded my first permanent role in a large studio, recording orchestras, bands, and film music in collaboration with highly-gifted, well-experienced sound engineers from Eterna, on formats and media such as Umatic, Tascam DA88, and the, then, new DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). I am most grateful to Veit Vehmeier, who generously taught me a vast amount at this foundational stage of my career.

    I studied Musicology, Communication, and Media Science at the University of Leipzig, and I was awarded a Masters Degree for my thesis, entitled: "Elementary Connections Between Image and Sound and Ways of Translating Wound Into Image."

    At the age of 26, I started my own business, working as Assistant Editor and as Producer on smaller projects. My role grew to meet the demands of my clients' projects and I soon began to direct the entire post-production phase.

    When I am not working in front of my screen, or via the telephone, I am either photographing interesting, creative people, crafting therapeutic nursing pillows, producing music, or playing music with my band, somewhere in Eastern Europe, making people dance. When I'm back home, I enjoy growing Greek mountain tea in my garden.


    Sebastian Brauer

    Holbeinstr. 71

    04229 Leipzig